Where are we located?

Molly and the Mind offers both in-person and virtual sessions. Choose the option that fits best for you.

Office Location: Located within the Balanced Body Center offices at 2725, 975 Lincoln St., Suite 202, Denver, CO 80203

Parking Information

While there is metered parking available on Lincoln Street, the Beauvallon offers free garage parking. The Beauvallon Building spans 1 city block from 9th-10th Avenue.  We have 2 parking garages and are located in the North Tower- closer to 10th Avenue.

As you drive in the left lane along Lincoln between 9th and 10th you will notice a large coffee cup marquee on the side of the building for Drip Coffee.  Just after this sign is our parking garage entrance.

Something important to note: the parking garage is English Style Driving. That is, you will enter the garage on the left, and as you continue to make your way up to the second level you will remain in the left lane.

You can park on 1st or 2nd level in any numbered spot.   Parking on the 1st level, come out the parking garage opening and enter at 975 through the lobby to elevators.   Parking on the 2nd level go through the doors to suite 202.